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junio 12, 2006



jag gillar inte konmemtera i din blogg ff6r den sparar inte mitt namn och mina uppgifter (som alla andra normala bloggar) utan jag me5ste skriva dem pe5 nytt hela tiden jag e4r ff6dd i Irak, och jag e4r gubbe se5 gammal e4r jag hahaha japp se5g att du gillade hariris ske4gg muahahahahdu de5 hur gammal och vart i sv bor du? You like Linkf6ping that i know now..


I think your argument is ilerhentny flawed. Wenger only knows how to play one style, and his teams simply do not know how to adapt. Why do you think their record is so poor against the best teams in England?Please tell me when he has created opportunities for cup titles in the past 5 years. They have never challenged for the EPL- its been btw Chelsea and Man U. His teams have not made it to the semis of the Champions League since they were in the final in 06. Arsenal fans are delusional if they think their coach is top notch.He complains after every match. We played the prettier football. We had more possession. So what! Teams know the way to beat you is on the counter, so they will let Wenger convince himself that his team is controlling the game. But the fact of the matter is they are not.Why would a coach ever try to play Barca the way Barca plays? That is suicidal- that is all on Wenger.Additionally, I don't buy your argument that because he gets his teams to the Champions League, he is one of the best. Up until last year, there was a huge gulf in class btw the top 4 and the rest of the league. No one had money besides those teams, so they should qualify.

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